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Thursday, March 23, 2006
  Some Possible Bush Responses to Recent Accusations that he Relies too heavily on Strawman Arguments in his Speeches

1) Some folks have recently said that I am made entirely out of straw. I strongly disagree. I have a soul and body and a brain, all of which are made from God’s love. And how could they say that about the commander and chief in a time of war?

2) There are some really decent people who believe that we should draw straws to arrive at a plan to fix Iraq. But that is a foolhardy policy. Instead we should pray to get such a plan.

3) My opponents will say that every single thing I have ever said is a Strawman fallacy. Well, that is just false. I say things like “Hey Laura, nice school teach’n” which is not even a characterization of anyone’s argument.

4) Some say that I want to use Democrats as straw men to scare away crows from the crops. Nothing is farther from the truth. I want to reach across the isle to work with Democrats so that I can get authorized more often to use force against some other countries.


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