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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
  Some things that people around Matt do not enjoy enough

I just watched the last episode of season 3 of "Home Movies" last night, while my partner (henceforth PartnerC2000) lay passed out on the bed from Bronx-teaching induced narcolepsy. This show is one of the funniest I have ever seen.

My complaint is not so much with PartnerC2000, who likes lots of things but sleeps through most of them. Rather it is with a broader group of people who surround me and have seen one or two episodes of this show and set it aside. There are also those who have never seen it, and so are lucky in that they have three seasons of amazingness ahead of them, but unlucky if they will never discover it. To both of these groups I strongly recommend "Home Movies." (By strong recommendation I mean watch this or fuck you).

Other shows/movies that are incredible, and yet not perfectly received:

The Wire
Hudson Hawk

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