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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
  A List of Senses (Perceptics) that L. Ron Hubbard Obviously Overlooked

I recently found out that L. Ron Hubbard rejected the received view that there are only five human senses. Instead he identified 57 modes of sensation, which he called perceptics. You can see the list here (scroll to the bottom). My only beef is that Hubbard obviously omitted the following perceptics, which I employ all the time:

Timen Laser

Salty Liquorish Tasten

Quantum Self-Indeterminism

Happy Meal Toy Reception

Foreskin Phantom-Pains

Crystalline knowledge (Stevie Nicks)

Ringtone Volume

Capacity to fake the funk (oxymoron)

Vagina Magnets

Getting stung by poison needles

Tanooki Suit (wearing)

The overlooking of kinds of perceptics (a legitimate sense itself)

Ingrown toenail prediction

Fear of showing socks (overcome with short ankle-socks)

The capacity to stop water from boiling by watching it

Mind-melding (peaceful)


Emotional State of Virginia

Ability to Notice the existence of non-existent Lt. Cmdr. Howard D. Thompson

Awareness of Healing Medicine (past and present)

Awareness of Quality Pornography

Perception of “Appetite for Destruction” (good G&R album)


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